Jets That Make a Difference

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Couple relaxing in a Coast Spas Apex Curve Spa

Jets That Make a Difference

Whether you’re giving your 100% percent out there or have some health issues, you are going to feel some aches and pains at the end of day.

Coast Spas gets that, so we’ve designed our hot tubs with the principle of circuit therapy in mind. What does this mean? Every seat within our hot tubs provides different jet configurations that will isolate certain parts of your body. Taking the time to let the different jets do their job in every seat is considered a therapy circuit.

Whether it’s your lower back, gluteal muscles (butt), or shoulders, using all the seats within our hot tubs provides a total body hydro-therapeutic massage.

To maximize hydro-therapeutic benefits, we’ve come up with three unique jets to really isolate sore muscles and release tension.

AquaSole Jet

This trademarked jet is based on the concept of reflexology where foot massages can help organ function. The aquasole is intended to provide gentle and rhythmic massage from the top of your toes all through your arch and to the bottom of your heels.

In the spirit of reflexology and combined with a healthy diet, this multi stream hydro foot massage can help with the following:

  • Help the body remove toxins
  • Boost the immune system
  • Increase circulation
  • Promote healing
  • Balances the bodies energy

See what these jets would like in a hot tub of your dreams with our Spa Builder.

Impulse Jet

As the first hot tubs mimicked Japanese Ofuros, large heated baths, the impulse jet is a nod to the ancient Japanese technique of Shiatsu. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is the practice of applying finger pressure to certain parts of the body to treat ailments. The word itself means “finger pressure” in Japanese.  

This impulse jet provides the user with a vibrating pinpoint massage that effectively releases seized muscles.  Lean into one with your back to loosen those knots or to isolate a specific pain you need to relieve.

SS Neck Jet

The SS Neck jet provides a shower multi stream output that gently massages your neck to release the tension of the day or those sore muscles from exerting yourself. Strategically positioned on the upper side of your spa seat, it provides just the right pressure to provide relief when you need it most. Not too soft and not too hard, get that Goldy Locks pressure with our SS Neck Jets.

Volcano Powersage Zone

You may have heard about our Volcano jets and many companies have replicated it through the years. These volcano jets are usually positioned on the floor of a hot tub, but what we have applied to our spas that no one in the industry has is volcano jets on the backs of our seats. These powerful jets really knead your upper back to melt away that build up tension during the day. With these kinds of jets, anyone can see how stress is water soluble.

At the end of the day, Coast Spas provides innovative jets to compliment your circuit therapy sessions to provide mind and body release.

Check out what your dream hot tub would look like by playing around with our Spa Builder.