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Because You Deserve the Best!

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Key Factors of Success

As soon as someone walks through our doors at Coast Spas Manufacturing they are presented, in huge big letters, our key factors of success. We wanted to break down these factors and how it translates to the consumer. Quality Whether you open a box with a coffee maker inside or a microwave, the product needs …

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Coast Spas Hot Tubs are Built to Last

Coast Spas has trademarked that statement, Built to Last™, because we know we own it already in the way we design, manufacture, and deliver our spas to market. Titanium Heater Your spa’s heater element is one of the most crucial individual components of your spa.  Your heating element not only keeps your spa hot and …

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Toughest and Most Durable Hot Tub Shells Available

Introduction What Coast Spas will never teach you is how to fix a crack in your Hot Tub. That’s because you will never need to fix one. In a competitive world where bigger profit margins are always chased after by cutting corners, Coast Spas come in last when it comes to compromising quality and durability. …