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Because You Deserve the Best!

Coast Spas Curve collection spa with two young children enjoying some spa time. Showing that Coast Spas is built for the whole family.

Crystal Clear Purification Chamber

We usually hear the word ozone on the news when the environment is mentioned. This naturally occurring molecule in our atmosphere is being eaten away by pollution, causing havoc to our atmosphere. It’s a bummer, but Coast Spas has good news! Ozone is alive and well in a lot of hot tubs! Ozone is a …

Coast Spas Curve Spa Seating and Jets - Whispering Winds Model without water

What to Look for in a Spa Frame

A hot tub frame is meant to act as an enclosure for your spa to contain the components and a surface to lay on your panels for aesthetic purposes. It is not intended to support the weight of a dry or wet hot tub, at all. Spas that really on ultra-strong frames like steel are …