What’s in Your Spa Water?

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What’s in Your Spa Water?

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®

Spa Manufacturers for decades have been focused on impressing the public with the amount of jets they can pack into a spa. No one was really focused on what the buyer was most exposed to, the water itself. Coast Spas decided to focus on this important spa issue, we’ll get to that shortly.

All residential spa manufacturers, with the exception of Coast Spas, use skimmer filtration technology to filter a spa’s water. This antiquated technology has the spa filter sitting within the actual spa water itself. When the water flow to the filter stops, debris and contaminants naturally float back into the spa itself.

Think about that for a minute… Whatever the filter has trapped is brought right back out into the spa’s water for you to soak in. That’s like vacuuming your dirty floor and then ripping open your vacuum bag to have that dirt spill all over you.

Concerning?  We think so. Here’s a couple of facts that will make you think twice about not owning a spa without a pressurized filtration system.

Did you know?

On average, a child drinks 1.3 ounces of water every hour they play in a spa.

Two people in a 300 gallon spa is equivalent to 200 in a 30, 000 gallon pool

The average person brings 100 million bacteria into the water.

The average spa user sweats up to three pints per hour at 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Knowing that it is law in North America for any commercial establishment to have a closed pressurized system on any public pool or spa, why should these standards be different at someone’s own home?

Seeing this problem, Coast Spas’ CEO developed a unique filtration system for residential luxury spas, the Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System®. This patented technology is the only residential spa filter of its kind to be completely removed from the spa. Contained within a pressurized chamber, the filter debris and contaminants are guaranteed to remain within the filtration chamber and not flow back into the spa itself.

Not only is Coast Spas’ filtration pressurized, its filter cartridge comes in sizes up to 175 sq ft, which are the largest in the industry. This size of filter cartridge permits superior water flow and results in less strain on your spa’s components.

What is a Hydrocylone?

Generally a cylinder that separates particles from water that is generated by the water speed coming into the cylinder.

The hydrocyclone vessel is a dynamic separator working on the principle of inertial forces generated by the velocity of the incoming fluid stream. As it centrifuges, the rotational action of the fluid creates a centrifugal force so that the settling velocity by Stokes’ law for normal gravity is now multiplied by the extra rotational force.

How it Works

Water diversion blades at the entrance of the hydrocyclone chamber draws in the water and creates a vortex. This vortex brings water and dirt particles up the entire filter cartridge, bringing concentration of solids in the upper portion of the cylinder.

The result is an efficient filtration by forcing particles to more evenly spread throughout the pressure vessel and, more importantly, pushed to the uppermost portions of the filter. This frees up the bottom of the filter to accept finer particles that would normally not get trapped in a traditional skimmer cartridge.

All of this creates more rapid and efficient filtration than traditional pressure vessels or skim filtration. In fact, Coast Spas’ Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® cleans water 80% better and 20% more efficiently than conventional spas. Making Coast Spas water clearer and cleaner than the competition. Since this innovative breakthrough wet leisure has never been more hygienic and safer at home.


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