Month: October 2018

Because You Deserve the Best!

Coast Spas hot tub with a winter backdrop.

How to Winterize Your Hot Tub Quickly and Easily

If you haven’t looked or been outside lately, you may not have noticed that summer is over, and we are well into fall. Some meteorologists are predicting a Nor’easter for Quebec and the surrounding regions, and snow has already fallen in some of the Provinces already. This is just life north of the 49th and …

Coast Spas Cascade Horizon spa at night with a city in the background

The 4,000 Year History of Hot Tubs

You may be shocked to learn that your relaxing soaks in the spa have an extensive historic custom. For thousands of years, people have used baths and natural hot springs as places to socialize, heal, and worship. Some of the original hot tub get-togethers may have been held in calderas, with red-hot stones dropped in …