Month: September 2019

Because You Deserve the Best!

Coast Spas Reviews image of three cartoon kids in a spa.

Games to Play in the Hot Tub

If you are hosting a hot tub party, then you might want to have some things for people to do in said hot tub. While a portion of your time will be dedicated to relaxing, Coast Spas Reviews knows you might want to do other things as well. If it is a group of adults, …

Coast Spas Reviews image of diamonds coming out of a faucet with the words water is precious

Water Conservation Tips

No matter if you are eco-conscious or just trying to save some money, finding ways to conserve water is good in both cases. Coast Spas Reviews is continuously on a quest to save our customers money and the planet from unnecessary resource usage. The Earth has gotten hotter and dryer, and our water supply is …

Coast Spas Reviews image of a cartoon spa with bubbles and asking what chemicals you need for a spa

Hot Tub Chemicals You Should Always Have

If you are like most spa owners, you certainly have more than a handful of spa chemicals on hand. Coast Spas Reviews knows that most of their customers have a vast collection of spa chemicals that include, but are not limited to cleaners, balancers, sanitizers, and a plethora of specialized chemicals. All spas are different …

Coast Spas Reviews image of a no chlorine sign

How to Go Chlorine-Free in Your Spa

One question that we get asked a lot at Coast Spas Reviews is if our customer can operate their spa without chlorine. We are proud to report that you can. Some people do not like the smell of chlorine. Others are allergic to it. It is for these reasons that we are going to provide …