Coast Spas Hot Tubs are Built to Last

Because You Deserve the Best!

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Coast Spas Hot Tubs are Built to Last

Coast Spas has trademarked that statement, Built to Last™, because we know we own it already in the way we design, manufacture, and deliver our spas to market.

Titanium Heater

Your spa’s heater element is one of the most crucial individual components of your spa.  Your heating element not only keeps your spa hot and welcoming, but it also protects your spa against the damage that could be inflicted if it was to fail in a cold environment.  The majority of hot tubs have stainless steel heating elements which are susceptible to chlorine pitting and subsequent corrosion.  As the chemically treated spa water passes over a deteriorating stainless-steel element, the ability of that element to function efficiently erodes with time until it fails completely, at which time it would need to be removed from its housing and replaced.  Your Coast Spas hot tub contains a titanium heater that is virtually immune to chlorine pitting and nearly impervious to cracking, making it the choice of educated spa buyers and the only element that we install in our spas.

Vacuum Formed Equipment Enclosure

We’re happy to bare it all. You might never see it, but every detail of your Coast Spas hot tub has been carefully refined and is ready to be scrutinized by the most discerning customer.  Our spas come standard with vacuum formed equipment enclosures that protect the valuable electronics, pumps, wiring, and computers that keep your spa running 24/7.  The fitted enclosure keeps your equipment area clean, organized and protected.   A formed, seamless enclosure is a real indication of the level of quality in any hot tub.

Powerful Yet Energy Efficient Pumps

Our jet pumps have the most powerful motors available in a portable spa. We recognize that supplying high volumes of water to your jets is imperative to achieving a significant massage therapy experience.  When not pushing ultra-high volumes of water to the jets, our pumps automatically convert to an eco-friendly hybrid that is whisper quiet and specially modified to run on as little as 1 Amp. This results in superior daily operational efficiency and greatly reduces energy consumption.  Furthermore, our spas have customized programmable filtration cycles and economy modes that are suited to the owner’s needs rather than running a circulation pump 24/7 that results in high failure rates and operating costs.  Our built-in jet pumps achieve fast and efficient filtration without the additional equipment and plumbing required by alternative methods.

Recessed Floor Drain

When you drain your spa, you really want to start fresh and get as much of the old water removed before you fill it back up and add new water treatment.   All Coast Spas hot tubs come with a special recess positioned away from the common “tread” area so that it doesn’t interfere with your hot tub experience.

Gate Valves

If there is ever the need to service your spa equipment, then the Coast Spas gate valves are imperative to providing quick and easy access to your hot tub’s critical components.  Gate valves are “shut-off” valves that are installed on the plumbing that delivers water to the equipment and the plumbing that carries the water exiting the equipment area.  When these valves are in a closed position, your hot tubs main components can be accessed, examined, replaced or repaired without having to drain the water from your spa.

Steel Reinforced Shell

Everything on your spa can be replaced, except for the shell.  This is why Coast Spas® produces the strongest shells in the industry. We combine up to 12 layers of fiberglass onto the vacuum formed molded acrylic.  Any structural load points are then further reinforced with steel angle iron. This is then covered with more layers of fiberglass.  The result is a shell that is so strong that it is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Poly Bottom Moisture Protection

The materials used to frame and insulate your hot tub are also porous and have the ability to absorb liquids that they come in contact with.  For example, your hot tub has a wood frame bottom that sits against the prepared foundation.  If this foundation is exposed to the elements (rain, snow etc), there is a good chance that water will be able to spread under your hot tub and get absorbed by the frame causing it to weaken and rot over time.  Spas with Poly Bottom Moisture Protection have a layer of plastic that separates the hot tubs porous frame and insulation from the harmful outdoor elements.  Poly Bottom Moisture Protection also discourages insects and rodents from taking an interest in establishing a warm retreat in your hot tub.

Coast Guard Corners

Coast Guard Corners are vacuum-formed heavy-duty black plastic covers that are installed on the bottom of each corner of your hot tub.  Without this protective covering the raised curved corners on your spa have little to no protection from rain, snow, rodent, and insects.  With Coast Guard Corners and the standard Poly Bottom Moisture Protection, your hot tub has the shielding needed to retain its integrity when exposed to imperfect environments.

Pressure Treated Frame

The frame of your spa is made of wood and supports the acrylic shell and the weight of the water and bathers.  Coast Spas® uses premium pressure treated Canadian lumber to form this frame.  Combined with the heavily reinforced fiberglass, you won’t find a spa that is more solid.

Oversized Plumbing

Coast Spas uses large 2.5″- 3″ diameter flex plumbing for main pump intake and discharge arterials. The large pipes are then connected to a manifold that can have many ports to supply water to the jets in a seat.   We use large diameter plumbing so that all jets branching off of these manifolds can be supplied with enough water to ensure all jets have the power to deliver a proper massage.  Large plumbing also largely reduces the risk of cracking if you live in a colder climate.  Used in combination with our powerful pumps, there is no doubt your spa has the power to provide the highest quality hydrotherapy to you, your family and friends.

Barb & Clamp Plumbing

When it comes to ensuring that you have the best connection possible on smaller plumbing connections you want to make sure that your spa has barb and clamp plumbing.  Making these connections with a barb, clamp, and glue will provide the longest and most reliable connection for the plumbing in your spa.