Crystal Clear Purification Chamber

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Coast Spas Curve collection spa with two young children enjoying some spa time. Showing that Coast Spas is built for the whole family.

Crystal Clear Purification Chamber

We usually hear the word ozone on the news when the environment is mentioned. This naturally occurring molecule in our atmosphere is being eaten away by pollution, causing havoc to our atmosphere. It’s a bummer, but Coast Spas has good news! Ozone is alive and well in a lot of hot tubs!

Ozone is a natural sanitizer derived by three oxygen molecules, also known as trioxygen. It’s got one job and that’s to rid your spa water of germs and stuff you bring into it.

Below is a tip of the iceberg list of products and “fluids” we bring into a hot tub.

  • soap
  • hair products
  • sunscreen lotion
  • makeup
  • urine
  • saliva
  • Sweat

Not such a pleasant list, right? Ozone is our friend in many ways.

Why Are Ozonators Installed in Hot Tubs?

Besides its primary job, ozone provides secondary benefits:

  • Enhances the effectiveness of bromine and chlorine in your spa water, allowing you to use 60 – 90 percent less bromine or chlorine in your hot tub
  • Causes less corrosion to hot tub components
  • Provides an ideal environment for people with chlorine allergies or sensitivities
  • Uses fewer chemicals and saves you money in the long run
  • Helps dissolved solids to clump together for easier removal by your filter cartridge

 How Does The Crystal Clear Purification Chamber® Enhance Ozonation?

Coast Spas’ proprietary technology increases the efficiency of the ozonation process. As the spa water passes through the chamber, ozone is mixed in water at a highly concentrated level. By having a more concentrated mixture, there is a slower release of ozone in the atmosphere giving it more time to clean the spa water.

We not only do we have ozonation in our spas, we found a way to increase its efficacy, ensuring your spa is cleaner and uses fewer chemicals.