Games to Play in the Hot Tub

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Games to Play in the Hot Tub

If you are
hosting a hot tub party, then you might want to have some things for people to
do in said hot tub. While a portion of your time will be dedicated to relaxing,
Coast Spas Reviews knows you might want to do other things as well. If it is a
group of adults, it can be something as simple as card games. Yes, they do make
waterproof cards. However, if you are entertaining children as well, you might
need something a little bit more inclusive. Take a look at the list below for
some great ideas of games to play during your next hot tub party with family or

No Hands

This game is
as simple as it sounds. You will decide on an object that needs to be passed
around the spa. The only rule is that you cannot use your hands to move the
object. You can use your forearm, elbows, shoulders or anything else you can
think of though. If you want to add a little twist to the game, you could
always introduce the rule that you cannot use the same part of the body as the
person before you did. If someone drops the item, they are out of the game.
Alternately, you can force them to use the part they were going to use from
that time forward (until they are successful). The person that uses the most
body parts or drops it the least will be declared the winner. If you are
looking to shorten the game a little bit, each time a person is successful,
they get the point. Set a point limit and the first person to reach it wins. In
the event of a tie, you could start removing parts of the body they can use to
pass the object. Then, the first person to drop the item loses.


As you will
be unable to run around the spa, you will have to use an object to tag people
with. We suggest a rubber duck or any object that floats. The objective of the
game is for the person that is “it” to have the object touch another player. No
using your hangs though. You can move the object any other way though. Also, no
players can leave the spa to avoid being tagged. The player that is tagged becomes
“it” and the cycle continues.


This is a
classic hot tub game at many of our parties. What you are going to do is take a
bottle or cup. Fill this with just enough water to make it balance on the
water. Then players take turns putting as much water in the cup or bottle as
they want. The person that makes it sink loses. Alternately you could award
points for successful attempts. The choice is really up to you.


As the end
of hot tub season is approaching, Coast Spas Reviews suggests that you have at
least one more party before winter. If you take any of our suggestions, make
sure that you send us some pictures so that we can admire your gameplay. Have