Hot Tub Chemicals You Should Always Have

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Hot Tub Chemicals You Should Always Have

If you are
like most spa owners, you certainly have more than a handful of spa chemicals
on hand. Coast Spas Reviews knows that most of their customers have a vast
collection of spa chemicals that include, but are not limited to cleaners,
balancers, sanitizers, and a plethora of specialized chemicals.

All spas
are different in terms of what is needed for proper and optimal water
chemistry. Things such as how often you use the spa, how long you run the pump,
the quality of the water you put in your spa, how much sun the spa gets, how
much wind is around, and how often it rains can all play their role. Depending
on the above list, you will have to have different chemicals for your area.

there is a core set of spa chemicals that every hot tub owner should always
keep in stock. The reason is that they are used more frequently than any other.
This is not to say that you will not need other chemicals from time to time; it
merely means that the majority of spa owners will need these chemicals most
often. Make sure that you keep track of the chemicals in your chemical locker
to assure that you have what you need when you need it. Below, you will find
the definitive list of spa chemicals that you will need to keep track of.


No one
wants to sit in a nasty hot tub. For that reason, it is essential to control
the ABCs (algae, bacteria, and contaminants). When hot tubs first went
mainstream, most people used bromine tablets. The reason is that they could add
a shock treatment to boost the bromide ions. While most still use this method,
it is not needed as much anymore. The majority of spas come equipped with
ozonators that allow much lower levels of bromine to be used. Instead, you will
find that a mineral stick will do just fine.


treatments are still prevalent. The reason is that they oxidize the water.
Essentially, they put large amounts of oxygen in the water and send the ABCs to
the surface to evaporate. Make sure that you shock your spa after each use or
every 7 – 10 days, whichever comes first. Shocking regularly will not only kill
the bacteria but will reduce the build-up of dust, skin, soap, and oils.


There is
not much worse than looking at a cloudy spa. Clarifiers are positively charged
polymers that attract negatively charged particles. They will clump together
and be filtered out. Without a clarifier, these negatively charged particles
will pass right through the filter. You will be left with a cloudy spa.


At Coast
Spas Reviews, not only are we interested in providing you with a great spa
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