Key Factors of Success

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Key Factors of Success

As soon as someone walks through our doors at Coast Spas Manufacturing they are presented, in huge big letters, our key factors of success. We wanted to break down these factors and how it translates to the consumer.


Whether you open a box with a coffee maker inside or a microwave, the product needs to function in the way it was designed to work. The same goes for our spas. When a customer receives one of our spas, they expect it to function the way it was designed. That’s why here at Coast Spas every department has that mandate. Quality is at the center of how we work. In fact, we live by our founding value, which has always been the backbone of Coast Spas since its inception, “Quality shall, in every case, take precedence over quantity” We are one of the only two hot tub manufacturers in the world that are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.


We can look at delivery as the transport of our spas to our dealers, this is a very important factor as 64% of our hot tubs are shipped outside of Canada. However, more importantly, we ensure that we deliver our promise to the consumer. The promise of a quality product that has been scrutinized through many checkpoints along our assembly line.


We partner with several people within the industry. Our customers, the dealers, who give us a field point of view from the end consumer. What improvements we can work on and what elements we can refine. Our suppliers, we leverage their expertise in order to create high-quality components for our spas. With our staff, every department has their own skill sets which provide an interdisciplinary approach to providing a high-quality end product.


In the end, anyone can build a box of jets. We go beyond the box and venture where others have not. To mention just a few trailblazing initiatives, we were the first manufacturer to use 3-inch plumbing, the first to install levitator jets in a swim spa, and the first to install Bluetooth hands-free calling.


One of the most important factors to the end consumer. We provide the best quality product at the lowest price possible. We don’t cheap out on inferior products from China to increase our margins. A significant amount of our components are American made and the rest is built in our North American factory. We could save money by outsourcing a lot of our labour to countries like China, but again we want to control the product and ensure it’s done right. Furthermore, we pay to get the best components out there, from Waterway jets to Balboa topside controls. So, what does all this mean? You get more value with Coast Spas because we put more value in our hot tubs. Our spas give you the best price for the best value. Craftsmanship and innovation all in one.