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Water Care Steps

We know you have a busy schedule but want to keep your spa in the best shape possible. With that in mind, we have come up with a small routine with your busy lifestyle in mind. Keep in mind, usage, water quality, and even weather can affect your results, our schedule will streamline the process, allowing you to truly let your worries and cares fade away in the warm water of your Coast Spa.

After Each Use

  • Add 1 capful of shock and 1 teaspoon chlorine sanitizer.
  • Close the cover and run the jets for 5 minutes.
  • Add the recommended amount of shock after heavy use.


  • Check the water using test strips and follow the simple instructions on the package to adjust pH levels as necessary.


  • Check your filters for buildup and rinse or clean as necessary. Our easy-to-use filter flosser can simplify the process.
  • If you live in an area with hard water, add scale remover.


  • Replace your filter.
  • Replace your water purifying cartridge.
  • Every 3-6 months, depending on usage, drain and replace your water.
  • Clean your hot tub cover. This is an often-overlooked part of spa maintenance, but it is essential in order to extend the cover’s life and keep it looking good as new.


  • See your local dealer to purchase and replace your spa lights.
  • Replace your filters. You may need to do this more or less frequently based on the condition of your filters.

Operating costs
Coast Spas spas are among the most energy-efficient models on the market, with a typical monthly cost of around $10 when the temperature is set to 38oC. This is significantly lower than the industry average for similar spas. (Keep in mind that this cost may vary based on the size of your spa, its water capacity, and usage.)

Chemical Storage

Save money and increase the life of your test strips and spa chemicals by safely storing them.

  • Maintain a constant temperature. Extreme hot and cold can damage testing strips and chemicals, and reduce their shelf life. Do not store chemicals in direct sunlight, near heaters, or in hot places like attics. Bring chemicals indoors during winter or other times of extreme temperatures.
  • Always keep chemicals dry. Store supplies in a tightly sealed container making sure to keep it securely locked at all times. Don’t place the containers directly on the ground, ensure it is on a raised platform. Additionally, make sure the caps are closed tightly after each use.
  • Lock them up, making sure children and pets cannot get into your spa supplies.