Summer Hot Tub Maintenance

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Summer Hot Tub Maintenance

Now that summer is in full swing;
Coast Spas Reviews would like to take this opportunity to share with you just
how you should maintain your spa. Remember, the tips given in this blog are
only for the summer. You will be able to find other maintenance blogs on our
page. That being said, let’s dive right into the ways you are going to keep
your spa fresh all summer long.

Filtration Mode

While it is true your filter will
run while you are using it. The only problem is that it is not the most
efficient way to filter your water. Modern spas have a feature that is called
filtration mode. In this mode, your spa will filter from many different
locations. That is opposed to a hot tub out of filtration mode that uses only
the primary filter. Having these extra filtration points removes the majority
of the bad things from your water.

Filtration Time

We already know filtering your water
is a good thing. Now, we need to explain to you when to filter your water. You
are going to want to set this mode for a time when you are not using it. The
reason is that when in “filtration mode,” the spa diverts all its power to
filtering. That means you will not have use of the other main features. It is
best to set this filtration mode to times when you know you will not be using
the spa. We suggest between three and five in the morning. The added benefit is
this time seems to be the coolest of the day.

Filtration Amount

For the best results, you are going
to want to run your filtration after any heavy use. In other words, if you have
a lot of people over, you need to set it to filter after everyone has left for
the evening. Otherwise, once every two weeks should be more than enough. You
are going to want to run the filtration for a minimum of one hour. Doing so
will allow the spa to have the best opportunity to filter your water correctly.

The Cover

One of the main reasons that the spa
water turns bad is because it is a hotbed for bacteria. That is mostly caused
by the hot temperature and the addition of a cover. The cover is essential so
that you are not allowing the heat you have generated to leave. However, you
are going to want to make sure you let the water to breathe. For this reason,
we suggest you remove the cover for an hour a week, when possible.

Decreased Usage

Summer, funny enough, is the time
when people use their spas the most. You would think it would be in the cooler
months to get warm. When you start using the spa less, you are going to want to
scale back the filtration mode to once a month. The reason is that you will not
be adding as much dirt and microbials to the water as you will not be utilizing


This maintenance routine was brought to you by
the Coast Spas Reviews team.