Water Conservation Tips

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Water Conservation Tips

No matter if
you are eco-conscious or just trying to save some money, finding ways to
conserve water is good in both cases. Coast Spas Reviews is continuously on a
quest to save our customers money and the planet from unnecessary resource
usage. The Earth has gotten hotter and dryer, and our water supply is being
called into question. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves, and Mother Nature, to
find ways to preserve the water we do use. You don’t have to forgo getting a
hot tub to do that.

Below you
will find ways that you can have a hot tub and conserve water at the same time.
This means you will be able to relax both in your hot tub and in the knowledge
of knowing you are doing your best to minimize the water you are using.

Clean and
Replace Filters

The reason
that most people change the water in their spa is due to disgusting water. In
most cases, that can be solved by simply making sure that you always have a
clean filter. Once you have exited the spa, make sure that you run the filter
for approximately 30 minutes. Once this cycle is complete, remove the filter.
Give it a gentle rinse. This will keep the nasty things that it has caught from
leaching back into your spa water. After about six months, you will want to
replace your filter. It has done as much as it can do for you. At no point
should you ever wait for more than a year between filter replacements. Let the
frequency in which you use the spa dictate how often you should replace the
filter. Heavy usage should be every six months and light about every year.

Your Hot Tub

When you are
not in your hot tub, it should be covered. This is a good idea for two reasons.
The first one being that water is less likely to evaporate if the cover is on.
The second is that you will preserve the heat that you have used electricity to
put into it. Often, water is used to generate electricity. If you don’t use as
much power, you will not be using as much water to create that electricity. The
more water that we can save from evaporating and being used to generate
electricity, the better for the planet.

Check for

Every so often,
you will want to check around your spa for stray water. This should be at a
time when you have not used your spa. Another telltale sign that you have a
leak is if you have an area of your foundation that has mold on it. This means
that you are leaking water from this area. Call a professional to find and
repair the leak.


Coast Spas
Reviews is dedicated to serving our customers and saving the planet. We feel
that if we provide you information like you just read, we can do both. Take the
time to make sure you are doing everything you possibly can to conserve water.
The planet and your wall will thank you.